What I’d like to learn about web design


I’d like to learn more about the design aspect of web design. I’m more interested in the visual, front-end than the nuts and bolts, back-end. What do people actually see when they visit a website?

Design is easier for me to wrap my brain around. It’s basically play time, yet not as easy at you may think. Colors matter. Fonts matter. Image placement matters (here’s looking at you, logo, in the upper left corner).

But more than that, you have to tailor your website design to your audience as well as your site’s purpose. The content you use on your page and the people who [you want to] read it matter, too. Different demographics react to the same color[s] in different ways. Your content can determine what font you use. And if visitors don’t like your site, they’re not going to stay.

Design is much more complex than novices can expect (not that I’m speaking from experience). It seems like there’s so much psychology behind it and I’d love to learn more!